• Acapulco Light

    Acapulco Light

    Acapulco Lampshades was born in Cardedeu in 2002 with the vocation to create innovative, beautiful and useful designs and collaborate with different decoration projects adapting to all styles and demands. Also, we do not neglect the small client and we have several collections with high quality pieces at adjusted prices. We have our own workshop and we work with a wide range of materials in the manufacture of screens. All our lamps are versatile and adapt to different environments. We work with high quality materials and continuously research to satisfy our customers. For more than fifteen years we have been dedicated to lighting. We are manufacturers and designers. We bet on quality and beauty.

  • Forging Art Bcn

    Forging Art Bcn

    Pieces worked with the traditional techniques of the trade and making use of tools such as the anvil, the forge and the hammer.

  • Mosraku


    The Raku is a century-old Japanese cooking technique that was originally used for the tea ceremony, very traditional in Japan.